A big hello to our loving fans!

After months of deliberations and discussions we have made the difficult decision to call it a day and not continue with Kidgeeridge Music Festival in 2017.

Over the past 11 years you have helped us raise in excess of $230,000 that has been contributed to the local South Coast community. These funds have helped various Shoalhaven charities and community organisations achieve great things. From raising money for a new Marine Rescue boat, helping ensure that the Ulladulla Food Bank could provide food to those in need, helping start the development of Jindelara Respite House, funding local sporting organisations and through to supporting local individuals in need, together we have made a difference.

Unfortunately though, all good things come to an end at one stage or another. With costs continuing to grow, the time is takes to run the event increasing and the ongoing worries and mounting risks that come with running a privately funded event, the time has come to say goodbye for now.

After 11 wonderful years we have witnessed some of Australia’s greatest and soon-to-be great musicians grace the Kidgeeridge stage. We believe that Australian musical talent is experiencing a purple patch and is going from strength to strength. As music lovers we all need to continue supporting music in our community, be it going to a local bar or pub to see an unsung talent through to supporting those playing the biggest venues around Australia.

As most of you will know, each and every one of the organising committee donated their time and efforts to get this gig off the ground. Put simply, we do it to help grow our area, celebrate South Coast music, highlight the amazing local food and support the tourism operators in the region. We, as the organising committee of Kidgeeridge Music Festival, take immense pride in attracting visitors from across Australia to our beautiful region and we hope you continue to visit.

We would like to give special thanks to our supportive partners that have sponsored us over the years, the local community groups that donated their time and efforts in the lead up to, and throughout the event, and the band of and family friends that have helped out every year without being asked!

Last but definitely not least, we cannot thank you enough for joining us on what has been an amazing journey. From our (very) humble beginnings as a small event on Kidgeeridge Farm through to what we believe was our best event yet at the Milton Showground in 2016, we have many memories that will stay with us forever. You have stuck by us when times were difficult (who could forget the mud bath that was 2015!) but we we have also experienced many more truly great times together.

We hope to see you all at a gig soon!

Graham, Vicki, Natalie and Will

To get in touch please visit our Facebook page or email us at info@kidgeeridge.com.au